Elizabeth (BJ) Franks

E-mail: ejf24bb@aol.com

Elizabeth Franks has been a passionate advocate for ELLs throughout her 33 year career as teacher, supervisor and adjunct professor. As an independent consultant she has continued to share best practices with teachers and administrators. In addition to presentations on WIDA standards and assessment, Elizabeth has presented both nationally and locally on the topics of Sheltered Instruction, Early Childhood, ELLS and Special Education, Culturally Responsive Education and Enhancing Comprehension for ELLs.

As a district supervisor, Elizabeth developed a model bilingual program in her district which was recognized by the NJ Department of Education for the past six years. She was in charge of the Title III program and as such, trained staff in the administration of the ACCESS and continuously monitored student progress.

As president of NJ Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages/NJ Bilingual Educators, she led several state-wide initiatives, including co-authoring the organization’s position paper on Literacy for ELLs. She currently teaches several courses at state universities on the topic of assessment of ELLs and Early Childhood Education. She is also diligently attempting to complete her Ed. D. at Rutgers University on the topic of principals in schools with model bilingual programs.

Elizabeth applies a hands-on experiential approach in her presentations since she is a firm believer in “practicing what you preach” and in affording teachers the opportunity to internalize and reflect on best practices.

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