Applying to the Program:
Q: I’m having a hard time submitting the video reflection for my application, what does WIDA recommend?
A: We recommend that you use a file sharing site such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Youtube, etc. We have provided instructions for both of these options.

Q: What constitutes an endorsement or equivalent in ESL/Bilingual education?
A: An equivalent could be in TESOL or a teacher prep program that includes linguistics and Second Language Acquisition. We want to ensure that candidates have some foundation in the second language acquisition process and have some experience working with students who are developing a second or third language.

Q: How many years of K-12 teaching experience is recommended for applicants?
A: The recommended number of years of K-12 experience is not a measurable quantity. We hope that all candidates have enough experience with teaching so that, when speaking to other educators about WIDA's Framework for standards and assessments, they would be able to speak with the expertise of a classroom practitioner. The amount of years will differ for each candidate.

Q: How do I fulfill the pre-requisite for ACCESS training if I'm not in a Consortium state or connected to a district?
A: Participants who need to fulfill this requirement may contact a district who is participating in the ACCESS for ELLs assessment and inquire if they may use the district's access to the online training in exchange for administering the assessment for that district. Many districts have been amenable to this exchange. You may find a state's testing window here: http://www.wida.us/membership/states/

Certification Process:
Q: What is the cost for becoming certified?
A: The cost is $4,000 for state/district-sponsored attendees, independent consultants, and higher education faculty members.

Q: Why is the cost so high?
A: The cost of the program is in keeping with other programs of this caliber. While other programs charge licensing fees, we charge a one-time fee that covers the costs of the institute and continuing support.

Q: If I am accepted to the program, what does the certification process look like?
A: Our certification process includes completing pre-work, attending a week-long institute in August, and completing follow-up work after the Institute over the course of a year. Additionally, we have a re-certification process that begins 2 years after you attend institute and continues annually after that point.

Work as a WIDA Certified Trainer:
Q: How many times a month can I expect to work as a WIDA Certified Trainer?
A: A variety of factors come into play including rates, availability and active connections with WIDA consortium districts.

Q: Is there a referral process you provide for certified trainers?
A: When we receive requests from districts for the workshop topics our trainers are certified to deliver, we ask those districts to contact trainers using the following webpage: http://certification.wceruw.org/CertifiedTrainers/. We typically do not refer specific trainers, but allow districts to contact trainers directly to determine the best fit. Additionally, some of our trainers have found that having their own websites and networking at conferences is helpful as they look for opportunities to present.

Q: What is the fee that WIDA Certified Trainers receive for workshops?
A: Each trainer sets their own rate. After you become certified, please feel free to reach out to any of the trainers on the webpage above to see what different trainers are charging.

Please contact pdinfo@wida.us if you have additional questions.