Julie Motta

E-mail: julie.motta@allthingslanguage.com

Julie Motta is passionate about working with culturally and linguistically diverse students! She has been working with English Language Learners, their families and teachers for over 20 years, from teaching ESL from grades 3-12 in Providence and Pawtucket Schools in Rhode Island, to coaching ESL/Bilingual teachers throughout her state, to administering programs for over 1300 ELLs. Julie holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Elementary Education and two Master's Degrees; one in Teaching English as Second Language and the other in Educational Leadership. In addition to working at the district level in central office and at schools, Julie has also been presenting professional development and teaching at the college level to prepare teachers for ESL/Bilingual certification for the last 6 years.

At Rhode Island College, Julie has taught Second Language Acquisition, Curriculum and Methods and Social Issues Courses as well as supervised student teachers. At Providence College, Julie has taught Culturally Responsive Teaching courses in the Master's in Urban Teaching Program. Some of Julie's proudest accomplishments include: opening the Providence Newcomer Academy for adolescent ELLs who had interrupted or limited formal schooling, starting a similar program at Shea High School in Pawtucket for students in the same category and developing a standards-based curriculum for that program, presenting at the National TESOL and NABE conferences, at MATSOL and RITELL, both local TESOL affiliates, and working closely with Dr. Deborah Short and Dr. Nancy Cloud on professional development sessions and a publication. Julie is also currently the Chair of the Rhode Island ELL Advisory Council, which gathers individuals from across her state to give advice to the state commissioner of education regarding the education of ELLs in Rhode Island.

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